Zodwa Wabantu does wear panties after all, just not in public

So Zodwa does wear panties, just not when she makes public appearances.

By  | Nov 17, 2017, 01:56 AM


Zodwa Wabantu has to be one of the happiest people on earth. You know the saying "The less you care what people think about you the happier you'll be", well Zodwa is the reigning queen of that and no doubt she seems really happy.

Zodwa Wabantu is the topic of every conversation in entertainment especially when it comes to outfits & events, is it even a party if she isn't on the guest list? Zodwa is never bothered by anything anyone says and she meant it when she said, she doesn't care what people think about her.

The entertainer has never hidden from anyone the fact that she NEVER wears panties at all, is evidence of her care-free nature. She never even misses an opportunity to show us her privates. We've seen them so much that it doesn't even shock us anymore. Did you see the dress she wore to the Feather Awards?Β 

Zodwa Wabantu

The only time Zodwa actually wears underwear is when she exercises.

Take a look at this Video of her while she exercises at home

Image credit: Instagram/@zodwalibram