Zodwa Wabantu says being called names affects her loved ones

Zodwa is willing to do anything to protect her family

By  | Jul 05, 2018, 01:44 PM

Zodwa Wabantu on not knowing her father

Zodwa Wabantu’s entertaining career might be booming, but it has caused many haters to call her some of the most offensive names. Although she is happily laughing to the bank, it hurts her to see it affect the people closet to her.

From being called ugly to being called a b*itch, it’s safe to say that Zodwa has been called all the harsh names under the sun and the media personality is unshaken by the terms, but it seems like her family may sometimes be affected by the belittling remarks. The star recently took to social media to apologize to them.

"It all comes from a good place when I talk, they talk about you, they talk about me. [The] Difference [is] I will protect you & I will protect myself I can't pretend, so when I'm given the Mike, I tell what they said in Tables. I say it aloud, I can't keep Dirt on my Life. Let them Know sometimes what they Say, about you Aloud. You say I'm a Bitch, I go on stage & say I'm a B*tch UYABONA. I'm sorry to those who care about me they know who they are, just 3 people," she wrote.

Main image credit: instagram.com/@zodwalibram