Zonke has zero interest in fame

Zonke is not keen on this whole fame thing, she's all about the music.

By  | May 24, 2016, 12:47 AM


Zonke explains why she's one of those artists you'll never see at every other industry event that occurs in the local entertainment world.

Undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most successful vocalists, Zonke sat down with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central to discuss not only her music, but the lessons her late father taught her and why she hardly attends industry events.

Gareth Cliff enquired about how she has managed to remain so low-key in her career, despite the great interest from the media in her career and private life.

Zonke attributed her low-key profile to the lessons her late father taught her as a young girl.

“My father was extremely proud of us, even though he wasn’t there to teach us music, he taught us everything at the beginning. The stories he would tell us about music and the sabotage they would experience on stage, it’s like he knew he wasn’t going to be around to see me through my entire career.

"Those stories are still with me, those are the stories that make me not feel bad about being the kind of person that I am, the kind of artist that stays out of sight. I don’t feel bad about not being at each and every event…I  really don’t because those are the type of stories that are still ringing in my ears. These are the kinds of things that happen within the industry.

"I wish sometimes when I talk to kids, especially when I was on X-Factor, I used to tell them to be careful to not go chasing things.”

Zonke, who clearly values her privacy, also mentioned that if she was not a musician she would actually not be on social media. Zonke also made it clear that just because she’s not at certain events it does not mean she is not marketed well.

“The people that work for me do as I say, it’s my brand, I know what I’m doing, they understand me, they know that I don’t want more than one cover a year or at least two years.

"What am I doing being on each and every cover? What am I talking about? I’ve got one story to tell. And that’s the story of my life, so if I'm on each and every cover what am I saying?"

Wise words from a lady who is about her craft and not about fame. See kids? Fame isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

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