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This new single slaps!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zakes Bantwini 

ZAlebs recently caught up with music sensation, Zakes Bantwini, who released his new single titled Freedom this past month. The artist walked us through the process of making this song and his vision of what he's trying to achieve as a musician and this is what he had to say.

1. Congratulations on your single, you once mentioned that it took you 8 months to create this song. Can you please walk us through the creation process of this song and the highs and lows of producing such an amazing product?

"Thank you. I created the music first and recorded the chorus thereafter, looking for the topline. It took myself and my manager a while to find the right voice that will fit the sound. That is how we found Moonga K. to be the perfect fit."

2. Over the years, we've seen you evolve into a one-man band performer, performing with only yourself and your DJ equipment. When did you decide to begin performing in such a manner and what was the inspiration behind that decision?

"After introducing a LIVE Electronic Set, the team decided that it was time for people to know all my capabilities and also I wanted to present more than just my music. I wanted the market to realize my other skills where I encompass many other facets in the music industry; beyond being just a vocalist and a performer."

3.  You've also released Freedom, who directed the video and how much input did you have in the creation of this video?

"Swart is the music video director in collaboration with myself and SJ, my manager."

4. You're such an ambassador of the youth, from this song, is there a specific message you're trying to convey to the youth of South Africa?

"With this song I wanted to challenge the youth of South Africa to think of their own Freedom and how they interpret it 25 years into democracy. I am asking what does FREEDOM mean to them."

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5. It is quite clear that you are evolving as an artist, for those who are still not sure of what Zakes Bantwini is trying to achieve with his craft, how best would you describe your Art right now. Especially to someone who is still trying to figure out Zakes the musician.

"Zakes Bantwini is Everything in the music industry - that is what I am trying to achieve."

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZakesBantwini