[VIDEO]: Zodwa Introduces Son To Her New Man!

It seems they're one big family.

By  | Nov 29, 2019, 03:00 PM

Single parents often have concerns about when the right moment to introduce their new partners to their child or children should be.

Well, it seems Zodwa Wabantu is one parent that is over that struggle. The dance extraordinaire and reality TV star has made up her mind about finally introducing her son, Vuyo to her new man Vusi Buthelezi.

This move from Zodwa divided her followers; some commended her bold initiative, whilst others worried that she might be exposing her son to different men, just as she did with her former Fiancé,  Ntobeko Linda.

Take a look at this sweet video of Zodwa and the two important men in her life!
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Here are some of the comments from Zodwa's followers:

Kathijah2: ''Not long ago ur son new Ntobeko as ur boyfriend now u showing him Vusi...don't you think it's too soon for him to know that u guys are dating.''

Ngoakoanecholo: ''The world is not a fair place anyways, feed him the truth never worry about people who are negative. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.''

DegraciaMngomezulu: ''That's what I always ask myself. People I always judgemental. The moment you tell them you have a boyfriend they are quick to say "I hope your kids are not seeing him" where must I meet him? On the streets?.''

Ocean_Jose_Estevao: ''Saddest truth is it still hurts him no matter how much you convince him.''

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@zodwalibram