Zodwa Is Over Marriage

The dancer and businesswoman is WAY too busy

By  | Jan 05, 2020, 05:00 PM

If a man out there thought that he'd one day woo Zodwa Wabantu and make her his wife, he might have to think again - the entertainer is not interested in any of that.

After her relationship with Ntobeko Linda (whom she almost married) came to an abrupt end, Zodwa says she's done.

“I’m over that. I’m focusing on my career and business. I won’t be getting married," the dancer told the Daily Sun.

Although she is dating Vusi (another Ben 10 because she loves them and here's why) Zodwa's New Year's resolutions include going to the gym and focusing on her perfumes.

"I will join a gym and make my ass tighter. Being fit will make me happy.”

"My perfumes are selling like hot cakes online. I’ve chosen to make perfume for women because I love women. It’s time we get the respect we deserve," she said.

Another important move Zodwa will be making is that of the second season of her reality show. So if you think that you're going to see some drama surrounding an engagement or a wedding dress on the forthcoming season of Zodwa Wabatu Uncensored, asked fam - the star has new, fresh content.

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Main image credit: the plumlist.com