Inside Zola Nombona's Baby Shower

The baby mama could not stop crying.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Zola Nombona 

Happiness was the order of the day this past weekend, as multi-talented actress Zola Nombona, celebrated the baby shower of her upcoming bundle of joy. The baby shower's decor had a touch of yellow and pink, which was a big hint to everybody that the actress is expecting a baby girl.

Zola posted a couple of videos on her Instagram story. It seems as if it was a surprise baby shower because when she entered the venue, she was very emotional. The starlet debuted her baby bump on Instagram last month, revealing her pregnancy.

In a long and poetic sweet post, Zola could not contain her excitement about her pregnancy. She praised the arrival of her unborn child and spoke about how deeply she loves her baby.

Homegirl has been enjoying her pregnancy.
Screenshot @Zola_Nombona
Screenshot @Undzo
Screenshot @Undzo

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Main Image Credit:  Tvsa