Zozibini Will Finally Get Her Aromat Fix!

There's no Aromat in NYC for our Miss Universe.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Zozibini Tunzi 

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Zozibini Tunzi is going through the most, as she is struggling to find Aromat at the supermarkets in New York City.

Local is truly lekker. South Africa is filled with gems that are a scarcity in other parts of the world - such Aromat!

South African foodies that frequently use Aromat, know just how much of a big and appetising difference it makes when in meals. Whilst some prefer using salt or herbs for taste, others are definitely on that Aromat tip!

Our darling Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi found herself in a jam, when she recently compiled her groceries list. It hit her just how much she misses Mzansi and its culture.

In an interview with Channel 24, the 26 year old said the following:

"Whenever I have to put a grocery list together, I realise how much I actually miss home - when I can't find the things I really want. The other day I wanted Aromat so bad. Nobody could understand what I was going through. Being surrounded by my culture and my people is something that I will always miss the most."

Once the news hit the streets of social media - a cool tweet from the Aromat manufacturing company,  confirmed that they'll soon be sending a bulk of Aromat sachets to the lovely Zozibini in New York.

One is reminded by an almost similar incident involving a local celebrity, who had an interesting episode with Mzansi's most distinct dish - Tripe (Mugodu) in NY.

Media personality, Tbo Touch once made the news for cooking tripe in his New York City penthouse apartment.

At the time, The father of two was quoted as saying: '' was shocked to be fined for cooking my cultural food. But I guess it comes with the territory. I've been here so many times, but never experienced this. I suspect the smell might have been too much and I did apologise to my neighbours.''

Most black South Africans, are accustomed to the horrendous smell of tripe, but Touch's neighbours in NYC couldn't stand it, which resulted in a series of complaints.

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