How Ami Faku Owned 2019 

The vocalist is going places!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Ami Faku 

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South African Voice of Modern Afro Soul, Ami Faku, continues to shine as SA’s best newcomer of 2019. Just off the back of being the only newcomer to feature on Spotify’s Top 10 Most Streamed South African Female Artists in South Africa, Ami Faku is now the only newcomer to have 3 songs on Apple Music’s 100 Best Songs of 2019: Into Ingawe with Sun-EL Musician, Imali ft Blaq Diamond and Ndiyeke with Lemon & Herb.

A unique talent set for the global stage; Ami Faku has been described as one of the most important musical voices to come out of South African in the twenty-tens. With the exceptional ability of creating classic hit singles across multiple genres, Ami Faku has dominated radio airplay and charts this year with Pop, House, Dance, Afro Soul and Hip Hop singles.

There’s a lot more that the country can expect from this rising talent. Keep posted to Ami Faku and VthSeason on social media to follow her journey to new heights in 2020 and beyond.

It seems crazy to think that many of us first saw Ami Faku on The Voice South Africa as a contestant, and now she's gone on to become one of the biggest singers in the country.  When we spoke to Ami earlier this year, she reflected on her journey from the popular singing show when she said: 

"Yeah it [The Voice] gave me a platform but more of an underground push. I didn't go mainstream from the Voice immediately, but I met a lot of people who would go on to help me in my career. But not winning a singing competition doesn't mean you're not good enough. It just means you weren't giving a close enough rendition of a song people already know. But it doesn't mean you can't sing!"

Do you think 2020 will be Ami Faku's year to dominate the South African music industry? 

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