Amushelelo Drops Millions In A Day!

We felt it in our bank accounts

By  | Apr 12, 2021, 06:10 PM 

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Forex is where it's at! Namibian millionaire Michael Amushelelo always finds a way to give our pockets chest pains.

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The popular business man who just collected his vehicle took to social media to show off the expensive toy along with an equally eyebrow raising caption.

"Billionaire Toys. They might not like you but they will respect you because Money gives you Power and the Respect is automated. When you are poor and you have nothing even flies will disrespect you."

As expected not everyone was ipmressed with his flex and focused on his appearance. Well, he was quick to shut that down real quick. Welp.

Image Cred: amusheptyltd

His social media is littered with motivation quotes, here is another one we liked

"I have always been underestimated, I have always been misunderstood, I have always been mistreated, I have always been disrespected, I have always been counted out, I have always been taken for a joke, I have always been considered unintelligent, but despite all this, I still find a way to win."

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Image Cred: Twitter
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