Annie Called Out For Being A Hypocrite

She didn’t invite Londie to her wedding

By  | Feb 04, 2022, 05:03 PM 

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The Real Housewives of Durban Annie Ludick Mthembu was called out for being a hypocrite since she never invited new cast member Londie London to her wedding yet she calls her a friend. 

Mrsannbition as she calls herself on Instagram has not been viewers favorite since her friendship with former cast member Kgomotso Ndungane (who did not return), which seemed to be based more on gossiping about other cast members. On the first episode of season 2 of the housewives Annaesthetic Beauty Studio owner said Londie London was her friend and they got along.

Londie on the other hand denied it saying they get along but not friends.

What grabbed everyone's attention was how she became offensive when Nonku Williams brought up that Londie was not invited to her wedding. To give you an inside scoop Londie was not the only one uninvited. Annie also never invited any fellow housewives, not even Sorisha who is loved by everyone for her down to earth spirit. The only invite they received was for her bridal shower themed ‘Bad B*tch’.

A viewer commented Nonku and Annie will not get along because they are the same, always feel the need to poke their nose in people's business. Nonku asked Londie about being invited to Annie's wedding but then Annie must not talk about her mother's stunt at the reunion.Bayafana #RHODurban

Annie was also drag for her unnecessary concern in Laconco’s marital affairs. Making comments that Laconco was not married or even in a relationship.  The mother of three went as far as recalling the time she was not wearing her wedding ring during their Tell It All. Viewers were asking why she is concerned about Laconco's affairs.

Could it be because of the last season drama when Annie said someone told her Laconco vowed to make her event more successful than hers? Or is it because Laconco openly said Annie forgot her gifts “purposefully”. We were all under the impression that the ladies have moved on from that.  We guess not because Annie wants to know where Laconco lives, that what she told Nonku that no one knows where she lives.

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The reality show actress married Durban business mogul Kgolo Daguru Mthembu in a beautiful ceremony at La Paris Estate in Franschhoek on 26 April 2021 as reported on TrueLove Magazine.

The wedding was attended by close friends and family.  Her husband Daguru is a Creative Director at Kgolo Daguru Experiential, he is also an events promoter and Club owner. He is also known to be a lover of entertainment. Arguable we can say he is the king of entertainment as his clubs namely Views at Twenty5, Luma and Eden are always full to capacity.  As the couple they have  hosted many several big names on the local  and international scene like  Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, Neyo, BOP, Cassper, Aka, John Legend, reports The Nation.

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