Cassper Fires Back At Riky Rick And Gemini Major

It seems, Mufasa is tired of being the bigger guy

By  | May 21, 2020, 03:11 PM

For the past few days, the Twitter streets have been busy with the Sizwe Dhlomo and AKA twar, that found Cassper Nyovest been dragged into it and now most recently Riky Rick has entered the chat.

After Sizwe refused to be on AKA's show, AKA decided to let off some steam and diss Sizwe. Of course, Sizwe did not take the punches lying down and hit back and strong.

Sizwe made it very clear to Supa Mega that he would "f**k" him up for free, there isn't any need for a contract.

Somehow this got AKA and Cassper's beef ignited again, well it never really dies out. Cassper took shoots at AKA claiming that every time he releases new music he always wants to trend and even went as calling him a 'little man'.

Now, Riky Rick found himself inserted in the debacle when he decided to add his 2cent opinion on the debacle in an Instagram Live with Da LES. The rapper called for the beef exhausting and alleged to not be taking sides but that did not stop Cassper from taking offence.

After Gemini Major retweeted Riky's tweet, Cassper responded and let know exactly how he feels.

"Yall niggas can talk when things are bad for Aka and its time to defend him. Where were yall when Aka was swearing my parents on the TL? You were all on mute!!! Yall can all fokof actually!!! All of you!!!!" tweeted Mufasa.

went on to say that he has been the bigger person throughout his career. He has walked away after being slapped and when he had a gun to his face, but now he's tired.

"I will no longer tolerate this bullshit. I am not a robot!! A go nyeweng once!!!" shared the rapper.

Mufasa proclaimed that the "bigger person chat ended when that junkie swore at my Mom and Dad".

Cassper clearly is ready for all the smoke especially after his parents were disrespected on the timeline.

Image credit: Cosmopolitan