Celebs Who Look Great With Short Hair

They can rock the look well

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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Coco Chanel once said:  "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." And that is a statement we definitely agree with, especially considering all the amazing and life-changing experiences that have occurred in the lives of our female celebrities who once decided to cut their hair short.

See, the enjoyable aspect about being a celebrity, especially one that is an actress, is the fact that you get the chance to play around with many different hairstyles as often as possible, for free sometimes.

Now, we all know how difficult it is to maintain natural hair, especially black natural hair. Yet, in the same breath, black natural hair is so fun to play around with. It's no wonder why some of our celebs can decide to have braids the one minute, and then chop off their hair the next. 

These are just a number of our favourite haircut looks from the past.

Nandi Mbatha

The gorgeous Isthembiso actress had us eating out of the palm of her hands with this short-hair look she did almost a year ago.

Isn't she just pretty?

Kgomotso Christopher

Kgomotso just looks good in any hairstyle she rocks, but her short hair look is our favourite. We love how the short hair allows for her sharp jawline to get as much shine as well.

Although Kgomotso looks just as beautiful with a weave on, her natural hair always holds a special place in our hearts. After all, we're #TeamNaturalHair all the way!

Connie Ferguson

For the longest of time, we knew Connie Ferguson for her long silky and not forgetting gorgeous hair, and as the years rolled on by, we loved how she began to embrace her salt & pepper look.

But when she bossed up on us on that Forbes Africa Woman magazine cover with the short haircut, we knew we wanted to see more of this look on her as often as possible.

Gail Mabalane

We've become quite accustomed to Gail's short-hair look, we've seen her on many occasions with the hairstyle and it suits her perfectly. However, when she recently showed her followers pictures of her bald head, we couldn't help but admire how gorgeous she looked with no hair.

Although shaving her hair off was not only for aesthetics, we appreciated her sharing the real reason why she shaved all her hair off.

The main reason was because at the time, Gail found out that she was diagnosed with CCCA - Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia which is a very common cause of Alopecia or hair loss in black women and opened up with her followers about the condition.

Ladies, have you ever felt nervous about cutting your hair and when you finally did it, did you like the change you saw in the mirror?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@GailMabalane

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