Gomora Mzansi Is Setting Twitter On Fire

Madame Jackie Has Won Hearts

By  | Dec 31, 2020, 01:24 PM  | Connie Chiume 

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Fans of the TV show Gomora Mzansi have been posting about the TV show over the past few days. Despite the recent political developments and football match, dedicated followers of the series took the time out to stay updated with the show.

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From praising the cast, to sharing hilarious memes on the characters, here are a few top memes that made our day.

Many Tweeps have posted about Hlongwani’s well-crafted character, Jackie Bahlali.

Each thread has fans praising the character’s leadership skills and sharp looks. They even compliment the way she spoke Pitori slang on the show.

Some other people have gone as far to say that the beautiful actress is one of the most talented ones to grace our screens this year.

People are specifically appreciating the actress, Leera Mthethwa’s phenomenal portrayal over the past 3 days.

The show is one of Mzansi Magic’s most popular. The telenova has an inspiring storyline based around a character achieving their dreams despite coming from a place of extreme poverty. Since its debut, the show has kept the audience glued to their seat.

Aside from the inspiring plot, the series has very well-written characters. They experience a lot of character development throughout the show. From a mother battling the demon of addiction while still being a good parent to her child, to lawyers delivering sharp one-liners. 

The show has a star-studded cast that includes Katlego Danke, Thembi Seete, Connie Chiume and Zolisa Xaluva.

During this gloomy lockdown time, it was good to have this boost of anticipation, excitement and laughter. 

The show is also known for handling sensitive and controversial topics. The most recent tough topic they covered was the sexual abuse of a male student by an older woman. We think this is a brave theme to explore, as it’s not very popular in the media. Yet, it is a harsh reality of the world, and it’s good to have representation in the media which shows that men can be victims too and that they must have the emotional support system around them to be able to open up.

We can’t wait for the next episodes of this captivating series. We’ll keep an eye out for more themes and characters. We’ll also keep an eye out for some interesting tweets from the Tweeteratti! Post it, tag us, let us know what you love about the show. We’ll share the best tweets with the community.


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