Andile Jali's Baby Mama Drags His Wife Nonhle!

Things are getting messy in the Jali marriage

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Andile Jali  | Drama

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Nonhle Jali was left embarrassed after Andile Jali's baby mama dragged her on Instagram Stories - now the whole country is involved!

What. A. Mess.

The timeline is currently gripped in the heated drama between Andile and Nonhle Jali, and the footballer's baby mama, Dipuo Maloi and we are literally grabbing our popcorn and watching it all fall apart.

It was just another normal day in Mzansi (Jokes, we were all shaken up by Mihlali's IG!) when Nonhle Jali decided to poke the bear right where it lives. Nonhle, who was enjoying a lunch with Andile clearly had something to get off her chest and she did so by taking to Instagram Live and addressing her hubby's admirers in a blunt manner. You can clearly see that Andile didn't want any part in this because he was visibly hiding his face from the camera.

Nonhle launched a scathing attack on all the women who are trying to slide into Andile's DMs, while taking a moment to declare herself as the "Head Office" - clearly feeling empowered by her role as the footballer's wife. The former Diski Divas star said on Insta:

"If you are looking at me with my cornrows and you want to come here with your peruvian weave, trying to eat my man's money and trying to eat my school fees' money you must know that I'm the head office. I control all his money and I control all his bank cards. When I found this man he was nothing but a skroplaap (a dirty towel used to mop the floor) and I turned him into a normal washcloth so watch yourself"

Clearly she picked on the wrong people because the streets were upset with her conduct. Andile's former flame and baby mama, Dipuo wasted no time in responding to Nonhle. Dipuo slammed the wife, Andile, and their marriage all in one swift move when she said:

"Head Office Yamasipha! Waphapha now that he has returned home... keep the card girl, he still has a child outside of your unstable marriage and he will still continue to nyoba nyoba skoon (to sleep around) out in the streets. Your man is useless anyway, not even fit to be called a father he is just a sperm donor. He could hardly buy his first born child Christmas clothes not even call or buy his child a gift on his birthday"

As you can imagine, the moment tweeps caught wind of this story it became a national talking topic and Tweeps have been reacting to both ladies' messages left right and center. To her credit, Nonhle has since apologised for sharing the video but unfortunately it was too little too late and she's been left to deal with the humiliation of her actions. Read some of the Twitter reactions below:

The Jali's marriage has been rocked by rumours of infidelity in recent months. In 2019 it was suggested that Andile had stepped out on his wife and gotten another woman pregnant, and for a brief moment it looked as if their marriage might be over when Nonhle opened a case of assault against him. Since then, however, they have posed as a united front.

Let's hope that, despite this week's drama, they will still be able to continue to have a strong and united 2020.

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