Saudi Addresses Rumours That He's A Lazy Artist

Maybe he needs inspiration.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Anele "Saudi" Mbisha  | Drama

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Saudi is on a mission to prove to his fans and himself, that he actually has the ability to rise way above average mode.

In February 2020, Saudi released his mix-tape titled, The Drip's Leak, however he was met with bouts of harsh comments from scores of his fans, who expressed how lazy he comes across as a musician.

The criticism was layered with tough love, as many were expecting a big music project from him, after many years of not releasing any solo music. Saudi's music influence is largely traced in collaborations with other artists.

Instead of taking the criticism badly, the rapper was more than glad to listen to what the masses were saying about his work. Saudi vowed to amp his ambition hence his brother once uttered similar sentiments.

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