Big Brother Mzansi: Iris and Lexi get into a cat fight

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

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What a scorching night it was in the Big Brother house as claws were drawn out for a cat fight between Iris and Lexi.  In the hopes to resolve the conflict that had been brewing between the two ladies, Big Brother had decided that the two should sit down and discuss their differences.  Well, let’s just say all hell broke loose when both housemates spat venomous words towards each other when it was officially revealed by both ladies that they really did not like each other at all.

An emotional Iris (well-both ladies were very emotionally) took it to the extreme when she told Lexi that she hated her from the bottom of her heart.
“I’ll hate you to the death of me!” yelled Iris who also admitted that since she stepped into the main house she had not been herself. Before the two housemates could even sink their nails into each other, Big Brother intervened by asking Iris to step into the diary room to cool off.

In the diary session a teary Iris poured her heart out again, pausing momentarily to catch her breath as she expressed the difficult time she's been experiencing since she came into the main house:

“Since I stepped into this house it has gotten worse, when I arrived into the main house, Lexi's so-called friends told her she didn't have a chance now, and that I was a  threat.   "You have been dethroned" they said.  That’s the first thing that made her angry, I then had a diary session with Biggie telling him how Lexi has been giving me a hard time, constantly provoking me.  I was willing to bury the hatchet with Lexi until she made it clear that she did not like me, she hated me before she even met me and its really hurts me that I will be with this person for a long time, hopefully."

Big Brother also gave Lexi some time to speak her mind in the diary room, as she tossed her braids back and forth, fighting her tears back.  The one comment in the diary session that made us raise our eye-brows and question Lexi's longevity in the house, was when she said stated that she was puzzled at why she thinks some people in the house thinks that she is a threat and concluded that it could possibly be her looks that could be the main factor to this problem.

"I don't know why people in this house are intimidated by me, maybe it's my hair or my looks?" she said.

We don't know about you, but that sounded a bit vain and ticked off many Big Brother Mzansi followers on twitter.  Do you think Lexi's comment could potentially place her up for eviction this Sunday?

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