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She is securing the bag

By  | Jul 25, 2022, 12:04 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Drama

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Boity Thulo has finally revealed her new business venture which she aims for women will feel empowered by it. Taking to social media to announce this exciting venture, BE YOU by Boity, she also had an exciting competition for her followers which will also see them jetting off to Cape Town.

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Be You is inspired by the rapper who collaborated with Front Row Hair to produce this new hair range.

Before launching this venture, Boity said she feels honoured to be one of the women who push and inspire other women to reach for their dreams. She said this brand is just one of many that aims to celebrate women from all angles.

"As a black female entrepreneur, I feel privileged and honoured to be able to inspire other young black women to work hard and to move unapologetically towards their dreams and goals.

"I’m constantly working to create BRANDS that celebrate the multifaceted woman who is in charge of her destiny. Hence... It’s no surprise that this NEXT BRAND I’ll be launching is built on the notion of celebrating and owning our individuality as women... and highlighting the power in Being Whoever You Want To Be!"

She also hinted at the name of the brand before even announcing it, "There are so many ways to Be You."

Be You aims at producing the best quality hair for women, "The BE YOU range is built around 3 core pillars: Be You, products that celebrate whoever you want to be. Quality, you deserve quality. Invest in yourself. Invest in quality hair. Trust, reliable delivery, In collaboration with South Africa's most trusted hair brand."

She also ran a competition that will see winners win prizes of up to R15 000.

This is just an addition to Boity's many business ventures. She also launched Halo Heritage two years ago which caters for natural hair care. 

“Your hair is your crown. Whether you prefer it all shaved off, wear a weave, opt for a protective style or rock an afro, taking care of your hair with products that are packed with goodness and most importantly made for your specific hair type is something you just cannot afford to compromise on. This range of products is exactly that. Being an African Queen to me is about being proud of where you come from and embracing it in every move that you make. As a queen, you must carry your crown with pride and shouldn’t be afraid to show it off,” she said at the time of the launch. 

“When the opportunity came about, I couldn’t say no. With my previous experience co-creating body perfumes, I considered this as the sensible next step that would give consumers broader insight into what I can offer as a businesswoman. After turning 30, I wanted to work on a fragrance geared towards a more mature audience, so in many ways, this collaboration was perfect timing,” she added. 

She also has BT Signature, a peach flavoured alcoholic brand which now retails at certain liqour outlets.

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