Carol Tshabalala to write a memoir?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Carol Tshabalala  | Drama

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Sports anchor Carol Tshabalala, who has been running the sports anchoring game for years now, admitted on Cliff Central that she is interested in writing a memoir of her life in the game.

“I will, I certainly will, it’s been quite a journey. I’ve done three World Cups, so that’s something to write about. I’d also like to do sports biographies, sports icons are amazing, and their stories from rags to riches, triumph of the human spirit would be great," she said.

Carol also mentioned how grateful she is for the things she has experienced in her career so far.

“It’s unbelievable some of the stories and some of the individuals I’ve met. I remember when I was in Brazil during the World Cup and I was actually thinking that I’ve met so many amazing individuals and (wondering) if there’s someone in the world of sport that I still need to meet.

"I realised that it was Thierry Henry. I used to be an Arsenal fan back in 2003. I think everyone was and I was particularly a TT fan.  And I was like…’you know if I could meet Thierry I think this would just complete my whole portfolio of the amazing sports personalities that I’ve met'.”

Carol eventually did meet Thierry at the Brazil World Cup. She also mentioned that she would love to meet and interview 2015 Wimbledon champion Serena Williams.

“I would love to meet Serena, to actually sit down and do like, a proper interview. I think she’s absolutely fantastic, plus she’s a Jehova’s witness too.”

Carol also admitted that she has her eyes on doing a global sports show that will allow her to not just be in studio, but to also travel and have real in-depth interviews with sporting icons.

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