Cassper Comes For Focalistic Unprovoked

But who is the real copycat, is the real question…

By  | Jul 02, 2022, 12:22 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest has been quiet in the Hip-Hop streets ever since releasing his last, and arguably disappointing, album, A.M.N. Therefore, when Mufasa returned on an Ambitiouz Entertainment single by Fakaloice titled Ohh Ahh, featuring himself and the late Riky Rick, fans were expectedly happy. Even happier when he seemed to deliver bars on the track. But it then turned a bit awkward when Cassper tried to come for Focalistic suggesting that the musician copied his style… So let us discuss this for five marks.

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Cassper and Focalistic

It is 2019 and the emerging sound in the country is the then contentious sound of Amapiano. A house sub-genre which is not respected by mainstream artists because at the time Hip-Hop cats were rolling in the cash as the creme-dela-creme of the local music industry. Major League were one of the first mainstream commercial artists to jump on the Amapiano train and introduced to us then unknown Pitori rapper, Focalistic. 

Together they create an EP which would not only propel Focalistic in the mainstream, but have the musician work with rapper Cassper Nyovest. Together, Focalistic, Cassper Nyovest and Major League DJz released a song titled Skhfatin. A hit which Cassper received backlash for as it was the Yanos and not Hip-Hop. But Nyovest was elated as at the time, Hip-Hop was already fading into the Amapiano background. 

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Later Foca and Casser would reunite for yet another joint single Never Know. At the time Cassper was looking to work more with Focalistic. But, allegedly, Foca was less than happy about the matter as he believed that Cassper was starting to try and emulate his lyrical style. Hence we have never seen the two on another song since. 
Cassper comes for Focalistic unprovoked

On Friday, 1 July 2022, Ambitioz took to the socials to confirm the release of Fakaloice’s new single, which finally saw the reunion between Cassper and late Hip-Hop artist RIky Rick. Ohh Ahh is a hard-hitting Hip-Hop banger which was received well. More so as Tsipibians, Cassper’s fan base, finally had a track to affirm that Mufasa does know how to write bars, which has been put into question with enough videos showing that sometimes he had “bad days.” 
But it is when Cassper rapped, “Inspired everyone of you nigg*s, including Foca,” that it got tense… Many found it laughable, considering that we are all aware that the likelihood of Cassper inspiring Focalistic is a reach when looking at their past collaborations. 
Even more so as Focalistic has paid dust to the matter, choosing to continue showcasing how he continues to win. The musician recently celebrated 1 million streams on Spotify. A feat which comes after his third time around working with Africa’s Davido and touring in the US. 

Moreover, while Cassper is throwing one-sided shots on dis tracks. Focalistic is thanking his fans for the support he continues to receive and has promised new music is on the way. He did not even take the time to react to the “diss” reminding Cassper that not everyone is AKA or Prince Kaybee
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