Lulo Cafe Goes MIA After Alleged N*de Video

Mzansi rallies behind the DJ

By  | Sep 21, 2022, 02:42 PM  | DJ Lulo Café  | Drama

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An explicit video of DJ Lulo Cafe saw the Twitter account of a notorious gossip monger, Musa Khawula getting suspended. While others grapple to figure out if it is indeed the DJ in the video, he seemingly deactivated his social media accounts. 

Musa Khawula leaked an explicit video of what allegedly looks like the DJ after taking a shower. 

Following the outrage, many had the account suspended but Lulo Cafe went MIA. 

Shortly after leaking the video, Musa went on Twitter spaces to reveal he received the video from a friend.
Musa recently went to court over the murder of Wandile Khambule. He broke his silence over the matter and said it was all self defense. 

“I remember following him, believing we were walking to the car. But, we didn’t get to the car. He turned and picked up a bottle and threw it towards me, but I dodged the bottle. It was a Black Label bottle ”

“I picked up a knife and stabbed him in his groin area to get him off me, which was one stab – but it doesn’t matter because he died.”

“We continued fighting and later a guy came and separated the fight. I left immediately because I thought if he comes up again, he’s literally going to finish me, I ran to my car and I drove off,” he said. 

Khambule's girlfriend spoke to Sunday World and explained what happened. “Khambule refused to speak to him and said he was not interested in what he wanted to say because he was not interested in him romantically. I then asked them to go [and] speak outside because there were other people in the house,” said Jaftha

“When I checked to see what was happening outside, I saw Khawula running after Khambule with a big knife [and] stabbing him, he fell in front of my brother’s bakkie. I then asked one of my friends to go try to stop what was happening. He stabbed him in his chest and at the back.”

“I remember his last words before he died, he begged and pleaded with Khawula to forgive him if he had done anything wrong to him. I then asked Khawula what my partner had done to him and he said this is our dog and I have killed him,” said Sweetness Jaftha. 

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