McCain South Africa Drops Tibz

The brand wants no business with the accused abuser

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | DJ Tibz  | Drama

The undisputed champion of the potato industry, McCain, has officially dropped the controversial DJ and entrepreneur Tibz following allegations of abuse that were made against him by his ex-girlfriend.

It all kicked off towards the end of last week when #AmINext was at its peak. A number of South Africa's biggest personalities took to the timeline to speak out against abusive partners and when Tshepi Vundla hinted that she might be ready to share her own story, people already had their suspicions about who she could be talking about.

Some had seen, some had heard whispers, but on Sunday Tshepi finally confirmed that her ex-boyfriend Tibz had abused her numerous times during their relationship - and a number of their mutual friends apologised to her for keeping quiet about the whole ordeal.

Tibz has since denied the allegations, claiming that he may have emotionally abused her but he never laid a hand on the brand influencer and mother of one.

It's safe to say, however, that not everybody believes his side of the story and not only has the timeline turned on him, but some of the brands that work with him have done so too. On Monday afternoon, McCain South Africa officially announced that they are parting ways with the much-maligned DJ when they wrote in a statement:

"McCain South Africa is aware of the recent remarks made on social media by Tebello Tibz Motsoane with regards to a previous relationship. We strongly condemn any form of gender-based violence as it goes against our morals, values and ethics." Before adding, "At this time Mr Motsoane is no longer an advocate for McCain South Africa nor will he undertake any future work with the company."

Those who have followed his journey closely will know that Tibz had recruited McCain as a supplier for his restaurant, Cafe Tibz.

Tibz is not the only high profile celebrity who has been accused of assault and it remains to be seen if other brands will take a similar stance against some of the biggest celebrities in the country.

Do you think that McCain South Africa did the right thing?

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