Fans have mixed feelings towards DJ Vigilante's Bang Out

Some love it, some not quite.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | DJ Vigilantes  | Drama

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DJ Vigilante released one of his most anticipated tracks to date, which features star rappers Nasty C, K.O, and AKA, but according to the fans, the song is below average.

Cashtime Life just doesn’t believe in the word rest.

Just a month after releasing K.O’s Papa Action, the record label has returned with yet another single that will probably run these hip hop streets in a few hours.

Introducing DJ Vigilante’s third single, Bang Out, featuring K.O, Nasty C, and AKA.

Fans of the stable have already got their hands on the record and a heated debate about the rawness of this track has already begun on social media, from Sound Cloud comments to Twitter discussions.

As much as Cashtime Life is known for churning out hits, it may seem like Vigi’s latest single is just not cutting it with the masses.

Considering that it has three of the hottest rappers in the game on it, for some reason, the song, to avid hip hop listeners, just does not cut it.

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@OG33S had high hopes for the song, but was just left underwhelmed.


Whilst @humortrafficker felt that the lyrics from AKA and Nasty C were okay, but K.O's verse just did not cut it for him.


#BangOut is filled with a lot of criticism from fans, which is actually always a good thing for artists, as we all need a little criticism when it comes to our craft.

Some of the fans are hopeful that the song will grow on them in due time.


With all the criticism there are some fans who actually think all three rappers did pretty well on the track


Whilst @TheUnoYouKnow made a very valid point about people's criticism of the song.


Our thoughts of the track?

Bang Out honestly isn't as captivating as DJ Vigilante's other singles like Pasop, Sorry Makhe and Gods Will. If Anything this is his most average work by far.

But maybe we do need some time to get used to the track?

Have a listen to DJ Vigilante's Bang Out and leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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