Emtee On Why He Does Not Have A Manager

He could have been managed by Sizwe Dhlomo

By  | Nov 10, 2022, 02:26 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Emtee has publicly declared he does not have a manager and it's for reasons known to him. He cautioned people to not be scammed by people claiming to be his manager because they will be disappointed. 
Emtee lost his manager Lebo Maswanganyi better known as Lebo ATM last year due to unclear reasons. He has since revealed that he does not have a manager so people should be careful of scammers. 
"I don't have a manager, never had one so do not ask me anything if you get scammed by someone claiming to be my manager because I don't have one for a reason. I asked Six (Sizwe Dhlomo) to manage me, he was not keen, I understood. If not Siz then nobody. I will die there, " he tweeted. 
He then later shared the Cotton Fest lineup in Cape Town and spoke about how disappointed he is about not being included. He said if Riky was still alive, he would have made the lineup. 
He also got some suggestions about getting Nota as his manager but Emtee said he tried him a few years back and threw shade at him saying he is now retarded.
They had a back and forth with Nota saying he is a junkie. 
"He refused to go to rehab, I don’t work with junkies… He’s not the only one I refused to work with either! Emtee is pathetic, no child should have such a loser as a father… Have some self respect man, damn it!" 
Emtee received backlash over his decision to not have a manager but he gave lethal clapback to Trolls. 
"All I'm gonna say is that you are sleeping on your level my guy .....this is your career brother start taking it serious, there's nothing wrong about having a team that helps you take care of business, I think that's why you fell off you don't take your career serious," tweeted @Nathi_manando.
"No wonder you have been dropping wack ish only. Ambitious knew you needed someone to direct you on what to release. Stop with this mentality and get a manager," advised @TeeTouchza.
"My deepest fear is that his prime may pass before the world witness how brilliant he is..He really needs a hood team around him to run his brand as a business it is," tweeted @MLutseke.
Meanwhile, Sizwe shared advice about what Emtee needs in a manager. 
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