Bucie breaks Heavy K's heart

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Heavy K  | Drama

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Bucie, who worked with Heavy K on her hit track Easy to Love, received the award for Best Female at the event on Sunday.

The producer told Daily Sun: “When I was watching the SAMAs I was heartbroken. I don’t make music for money. I did not charge a production fee, for studio time or any of that. I made Easy to Love as a favour. I work hard to make whatever song I do a hit and that song was just that.”

Heavy K told the paper that he used his heartbreak to come up with a new song called Broken Heart. He added: “I made a song about my feelings.”

Bucie explained why she didn’t thank the DJ and producer: “I won an award for best female and not for best collaboration. The award was about the work I put in as a female artist.”

Bucie has a good point. We’d understand where Heavy K’s coming from if the award was for Best Collaboration.


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