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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kate Middleton  | Drama

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With just weeks to go until Kate Middleton gives birth, royal baby watching is heating up.

Social media is buzzing with news that the royal birth will be announced on Twitter as soon as the official notice is mounted on an easel at Buckingham Palace.

A key question that seems to have cropped up is whether the Duchess of Cambridge will go through plans for a "hypnobirth".

The natural-birthing technique involves using hypnosis to manage labour pains.

Local practitioner Patti Good says the method is becoming more popular.

"It's absolutely fantastic that is it rumoured that Kate and William are going to be experiencing hypnobirth. It obviously means that she is looking for a much more natural option and a much gentler option to bring her baby into this world.

"What's so amazing is that hypnobirthing is now here in South Africa, so local moms will now be able to do as she is doing," she says.

Other celebs have also reportedly used the method. They include Pamela Anderson, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore and Giselle Bundchen.

Patti says some of the benefits of a hypnobirth include a shorter labour and less pain.

"It doesn't happen for everyone and I certainly don't sell pain free child birth, but for a lot of moms hypnobirth makes the birth manageable. There's also a very integral role for the dad, which is something Will and Kate will enjoy.

"'Hypnobirthing teaches the dad how to keep the mom relaxed and that's not just a birthing tool, it's a lifelong tool. By dad knowing what to do, how to keep mom calm, mom can be in a much calmer space," she says.

No dads this does not mean you will be able to hypnotise your wife - though that would be pretty cool when you need a sandwich.

For those who are a bit freaked out by hypnobirth, Patti says it really is not about putting you under a spell.

"You are hypnotised in that you are taken into a state of deep relaxation, but it is nothing like what you see on television.

"The person that is helping you get into that state of relaxation is your husband or your partner, so it's not like you're going to cluck like a chicken. It's very much about helping your body relax deeply for the birth experience," she says.

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