Kelly Khumalo Should Sue Jub Jub For Defamation

Fans are standing up for her

By  | Nov 28, 2021, 10:17 AM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

Image of Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo has faced a lot in the public eye. But now social media is making it clear that they are the only ones allowed to speak ill of her, as they have launched an attack at her ex, Jub Jub

Media personality Jub Jub recently broke the internet when he made some allegations about The Voice of Africa. In a short clip from MacG’s podcast that was shared online, he makes a comment that Kelly Khumalo, with whom he has a 10 year old son, uses ‘muthi’, and that it is common knowledge that nobody should be shocked by.
Although the episode is yet to air, the short clip has already sent social media into a frenzy. Tweeps have launched a vicious attack against Jub Jub for his remarks, as many find the comment distasteful, particularly in regards to his baby mama. 

Many have expressed that it is disrespectful and inconsiderate, and that it is unfair to put the child, Christian, through all of that. Even if they still have beef, tweeps think, this is not the way to address it. They believe Jub Jub is being petty and childish, and that he is simply seeking attention by going public with that accusation. 
Another subset of fans is passionately defending Kelly. “Muthi is our culture, and nobody should be shamed for using it”, some responded. They believe that, as long as she does not use it for evil, she should feel free to use as much muthi as her heart desires. Others have even gone as far as to suggest that all celebrities use muthi, and dragging Kelly for it is hypocritical. 

But her most loyal fans are enraged and are calling on The Vocal Highness to sue her ex for defamation of character. They think such allegations could damage her reputation and career, and Jub Jub should face some consequences for his reckless speaking. 

However, some have taken these accusations as ultimate “proof” of their suspicions. Kelly has long been suspected, by the public, of playing a hand in the death of her late boyfriend, Senzo Meyiwa. Now social media users are warning Jub Jub to be careful, and even saying that muthi is how Kelly got rid of Senzo. 
They are alleging that the only reason Jub Jub is still alive is that he went to prison. They say prison saved his life, but if he is going to be out here sharing such things about Kelly, he should be prepared to disappear. 

The suggestions are obviously very mean spirited and unfair. Although investigations have been ongoing for over seven years now, there has been nothing to implicate Kelly in the murder of the footballer. She has even had to clarify her name in public, but people simply refuse to let it go. 
It might be a good idea for Kelly to pursue legal action against Jub Jub. The statement has already done so much damage, and the episode is not even out yet. We cannot imagine how much damage could be done when it does come out. 

Whatever she chooses to do, though, Kelly has her fans and supporters behind her, as they have proven now. 

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