Kenneth Nkosi Accused Of Assaulting A Woman

He's being dragged for his actions

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Kenneth Nkosi  | Drama

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Actor and film producer - Kenneth Nkosi is the topic of discussion on social media today. The actor is being dragged for allegedly physically assaulting a young woman last weekend.

An individual who knows the woman that was assaulted expressed how shocked they were at Kenneth's actions and labelled him as an abuser.

The Twitter user explained that Kenneth began to assault the woman after she rejected him after his attempt to make a pass at her.

The individual then proceeded to post a video of them pleading for Kenneth to give them back the phone which belonged to the lady he was trying to get with.

A visibly drunk Kenneth is seen refusing to hand back the cellphone.

It is also alleged that Kenneth had busted the woman's lip during the altercation.

A case against the actor has since been opened.

Since the news of the assault made its way onto social media, there have been various other allegations being made against Kenneth Nkosi and his friends.

Main Image Credit: Twitter

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