Zodwa Rehashes Feud With Khanyi?

Her reality show is very enticing

By  | Mar 11, 2021, 03:44 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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When Zodwa Wabantu debuted her reality show Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored, she made many more people fall in love with her. The reality series gives viewers unfiltered access into her personal life and the drama is very enticing.

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The exotic dancer enjoys ruffling people's feathers and she did exactly that on Instagram recently when she poked fun at Khanyi Mbau. The star shared another teaser of her reality show, giving her fans something to get excited about. The clip is from an upcoming episode of Zodwa Uncensored and she recaps her most gripping episode yet which features the famous Khanyi Mbau.

On the clip, she addresses the episode which revealed some very interesting details about Zodwa and Khanyi's feud. Their confrontation revealed that whilst Khanyi was married to her ex-husband and baby daddy Mandla Mthembu, he cheated on her with the controversial dancer. During their argument, Khanyi "gaslights" Zodwa and makes her believe that she is carrying some sort of illness and that her sleeping with a married man could cause her to spread that illness to her.

Even though they never further explained what they meant by "illness", many were lead to believe that they were referring to HIV. Never mind the fact that it is the most common feared sexually transmitted disease, but the fact that Zodwa took an HIV test for the whole country to see was proof enough.

Captioning her video, Zodwa joked about eating her ARVs, "Zodwa Wabantu just Eat ARV’s, Uphume Ezindabeni Zabantu (mind your own business.)"

Zodwa's fans dragged Khanyi and said she was too full of herself, "Khanyi Mbau was being too full of herself. Some celebrities have too much pride and it's very annoying." 

The very first episode from season two roped in a lot of her viewers, saying it is just what they expected. "The show only played for 5 mins, we need 2 hours of Zodwa. The Queen is back on our screens already doing the most Season 2 uzobamnandi (it's going to be very good)," said an excited fan.

Speaking to The Citizen she said that viewers must brace themselves for more drama again. “Season two is very much scandalous and I will be showing people that I can touch and talk about anything,” she said.

In sad and heartbreaking news, Zodwa announced that two of her cast members who were her friends passed on and will no longer appear on the reality show. "I’ve Buried 2 of my Best friends from White City Soweto, Nancy & Smanga. From Season 1 Nancy to Season 2, Smanga. Why every Time I Shoot they give me their Deaths," she announced.

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