Sphectacula And DJ Naves Defend Their Song 'Ngeke' From Rape Insinuations

"Ngeke is absolutely by no means promoting rape culture"

By  | May 19, 2020, 08:25 AM  | Kings Of The Weekend (Sphectacula and DJ Naves)  | Drama

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In a country where femicide, women and children abuse and rape are a major problem, people tend to be extra vigilant in what they say and promote.

Music and art as a whole is often scrutinized, even ordinary people's opinions on certain topics is looked through.

The Kings Of The Weekend Sphectacula And DJ Naves are the latest musos to be placed under the radar for their single titled 'Ngeke'.

Despite people having some serious FOMO by just jamming to the song, some could not help but notice the daring lyrics that are suggestive of promoting rape.
Released just a few months ago, tweeps got mad at how radio stations are not adding Moonchild Sanelly's song Askies to the playlist, instead, they play Ngeke by the KOTW.

Poet Lebo Mashile took to Twitter to air her disappointment at how can radio stations be picky on which song to play despite having the resemblance of being rapey.

Part of the lyrics says; Girl: "You can swear you can cry for your mom you won't get this. Ngeke."
Guy says: "This is not Joburg, I swear on my mother I'll get it."

The KOTW defended their song by issuing out a statement strongly disagreeing with the publication.

"Ngeke is absolutely by no means promoting rape culture. This is certainly not something we take lightly or would include in our music whatsoever.

"It is unfortunate that some people have chosen to interpret the theme of the song negatively but that is something that will not undo the overall inspirational nature of our intention with the song," the statement reads.

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