Lalla Hirayama On Being Treated Like Dirt Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

She is tired of the racism.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Lalla Hirayama  | Drama

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Coronavirus has been a topic of discussion for everyone of late, leading many people into frustration.

Some have resorted to the blame-game, seeing that the virus originated in Wuhan, China, late last year and has spread to numerous countries world-wide.

Asian people have been at the receiving end of most racist remarks and COVID-19 was then later called 'Chinese virus.'

Making her frustration public, personality and host Lalla Hirayama has lashed out on Twitter about the discriminatory and racist remarks she has been subjected to, since the virus hit South African shores.

The reckless assumptions by many people is that any Asian they come across may have the virus. Lalla, however was born in Japan, went on social media to vent and call out people who make such remarks towards her and make it known that she has had enough.

She then went on a Twitter exchange with one user who said blacks do not travel often, hence they are not likely to catch the virus.

She gave a spicy response "Black, white and Asian people around the world have been infected and black, white and Asian people in SA and globally are all at risk. Not enough black people travel, yes, but hold onto your crazy ass ignorance because all races under the damn sun travel in this country!"

Her rant did not stop there, she also went on to tell people to not assume that any Chinese person they come into contact with is Chinese and is infected by the virus.

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