Lebo Denies Assaulting Her Wife Letoya Makhene

This after she reportedly got arrested for vandalism

By  | Jan 19, 2022, 02:21 PM  | Letoya Makhene  | Drama

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Letoya Makhene and her wife Lebo Keswa hogged headlines after Lebo allegedly spent the night behind bars. This after a bakery owner claimed Lebo vandalised her property during a fit of rage.

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Maphepha Ndaba, a popular Instagram gossip page, alleged that during Lebo Keswa's "episode", she apparently hurled insults at people and called them nobody's. "Lebo vandalises everything to no repair when angry. News came in fast on Facebook with proof that Lebo has no mercy and no one is safe when she’s angry. She roars like a lion admin , we are scared of her, says anonymous on the DM. She was arrested , but we fear she might be out and moer all of us Admin , says a Shebeen Queen who’s also fearful for her life," read the post.
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Sunday World then reported that the reason behind her arrest was because Letoya was allegedly sexually harassed by a foreign national - who also appeared to be homophobic, because according to Letoya he asked her to stop dating women.

So many versions of events went around including the one where "witnesses" claimed that Lebo and Letoya were fighting each other. During this supposed 'fight', Letoya's beads got damaged which lead many people to think Lebo damaged them on purpose.

But, the couple refuted these and many other claims and detailed to TshisaLIVE what had transpired.

“This woman said to me 'Mmm so you are Lebo Keswa I've always had a crush on'. I said unfortunately I’m married. 'Do you and Letoya play?' I asked her what does that mean. She said can you, Letoya, me and my husband do something and I told her I'm not happy with this,” the entrepreneur told the publication.

She then said she left the woman to conversate with another attendee but that conversation got cut short when she heard Letoya screaming. Attending to that, Letoya then told Lebo that a man had 'rubbed her thigh and touched her crotch.'

A fight broke out but Letoya tried to get Lebo to step away and that resulted in her beads getting damaged.

The couple had faced an unfortunate event before where their privacy got compromised by a stalker. They were accused of being broke but Letoya rubbished those claims, “My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week. Now explain to me how we can be broke if we can afford to go out so much. We can send you our bank balance and it’s quite healthy.”

“There's a guy who has been stalking us for a while and he's the first person who posted about this (R2000 bill left unpaid thing) on his Facebook. My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week and we have our usual places we go to. We were made aware of the Facebook post by this guy which we believe was where the rumour started that we didn't pay the bill, which was about three weeks ago,” stated Lebo.

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