Major League: "We are not officially signed to Mabala"

In addition to the revelation, the usually private pair shared quite a lot about themselves

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"We are not officially signed to Mabala" says Major League

There’s A LOT we don’t know about the Major League twins, Banele and Bandile Mbere and there are two very calculated reasons behind that.

The first being the fact that the brothers’ business aspirations require them to maintain a particular public image.

Speaking to Phila Tyekana as part of their July 2017 True Love entertainment siblings cover feature, Bandile explains “the way we present ourselves is very important and that’s why we chose to be more private with our personal lives. Business bigwigs who are much older never want to work with reckless people.” 

Their business acumen is something they hard to hone at an early age after they lost their father to a heart attack.

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“... in hindsight, we wouldn’t be where we are if he hadn’t died. We were forced to work hard and pursue success more vigorously,” said Bandile.

Luckily for the twins, their dad was a big wig with a number of important friends such as Caiphus Semenya and Hugh Masekela who often spent time at the Mbere home playing jazz off the family’s instruments while the boys were young. 

When they got older, Tbo Touch became their connect in the event organizing world and linked them with a number of people who helped them get started in organizing and hosting their events.

They are both grateful to artists who grew hip hop as a genre as well as artists like Khuli Chana, who they worked with for two years while solidifying their place in the industry.

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“The major challenge (presumably, no pun intended) we face in the music business is that we are only 26 years old, but we have already accomplished a lot in our career. People are skeptical of us because they feel we’re too young to know what we’re doing. We’ve overcome that by working harder.”

Besides maintaining a squeaky clean image for their business ambitions, the pair also reveal that they would love to remain relatively incognito because “we’d rather be the guys who make millions in private but are still able to chill in the hood and talk to people.”

With that said, the only things we’ll ever know about Major League include the fact that:

  • You can tell them apart due to the fact that Banele has a scar on the right side of his face and Bandile is the shorter brother
  • They can understand Xhosa and Zulu, as those are their parent’s ethnic backgrounds but they cannot speak either language
  • Banele has a four-year-old son
  • Banele believes he is too young for marriage even though he has given his girlfriend, Mihlali Ndamase, a promise ring
Bandile and Mihlali

Lastly, we also learned that they are not officially part of the Mabala Noise Entertainment artist roster despite public appearances.

“We’re in talks with them, but we haven’t finalized anything. We’re still negotiating contracts - but we do collaborations every now and again,” explained Bandile.

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