Malusi Gigaba Killed My Twins!

His ex side chick is spilling the tea

By  | Mar 03, 2021, 11:11 AM  | Malusi Gigaba  | Drama

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Hell has no fury like a woman scorned! Malusi Gigaba's ex side chick is spilling all the tea on how Malusi is reportedly "going through woman like tissues and how his poor ex wife to be Norma was caught in the middle.

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For those asking why she has decided to expose him now: 

I want him to be exposed he is using woman like tissue."

Remember the woman who was allegedly carrying Malusi Gigaba's twins late last year? Well, she is back to set the record straight.

"I'm Malusi Gigaba's ex side chick , the one who was pregnant with his twins but I broke up with him after my miscarriage, he cheats too much and he got his wife arrested it put me off." 

He has apparently moved on with his on and off girlfriend Nomfundo Fakudze from Swaziland. The woman in cream pants it's his girlfriend  and she works for NEF she has her first child with a married man from Nigeria.

Picture taken at Gigaba's daughter's 21st birthday
Picture taken at Gigaba's daughter's 21st birthday

"Now he is busy with his old woman that he was on and off with before he got married to Norma, that man is a cheater of note and womaniser, last week Friday he was with his girlfriend and his first wife doing a 21st dinner for his daughter. But he doesn't want people to know about his girlfriend, he asked me not to follow him on Twitter and IG even with this one they don't follow each other but ex first wife posted the pictures"

She then narrates how he used muthi to end her pregnancy.

"I got pregnant with twins and Malusi took me to a traditional healer he said uyongiqinisa a week later I had a miscarriage, then I received a call from Nomfundo saying I lied about pregnancy and I was trapping Malusi. He and this woman made me lose my babies."

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The ex baby mama also reveals the real reason why Norma allegedly vandalised Malusi's G Wagonand wrote the words "cheater" all over it.

"I was shocked when I had that he brought her in his marital home while Norma was in Durban. Norma came back from Durban and found her there and scratched the car and Malusi opened the case against Norma"
She further asserts that he is yet to divorce Norma. 

"He hasn't even sign the divorce with his wife but there he is busy moving on while we are still picking up our pieces. Now he wants to have a beautiful relationship with his old lover under cover."

What a mess! 

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