Did Nasty C just spend thousands of rands on a pet?

How rich do you need to be to get this kind of pet?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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The Scoop in Nasty C's Veliswa preview

If you got it blow it because that's exactly what people with money do.

So over the years, we've seen celebrities buy ridiculous things with money especially overseas celebrities. 

South Africans have jumped on that band-wagon as well and judging by how hard they work they sure do deserve to flex at times.

One rapper who is definitely flaunting his money is Nasty C. The rapper posted an image of a shark in a pool with the caption "new pet...she needs a name."

Now, of course, we all know how not to jump to conclusions over an Instagram post as these could merely be for a music video or it could be someone's house.

So out of curiosity, we found out how much a shark this size would cost Nasty C if he really bought it and to our shock, this shark can cost you more than R25,000, other sharks are prized at R50,000 even.


Just a few months ago, Nasty C offered a reward of  R100,000 to anyone who returned his stolen laptop. Now we can only imagine Nasty C's net worth. 

Nasty C

Image credit: Instagram/@nasty_csa

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