Nasty C's Team Rubbishes Fake Announcement

It is not happening!

By  | Jun 24, 2021, 11:33 AM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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Internationally renowned rapper Nasty C will not be performing with the international superstar Snoop Dogg in Mzansi, well at least not now.

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Nasty C's team has rubbished the fake post that details that both rappers will be sharing a stage next month on the 31st.

Nasty C's booking agent shared the post on Instagram confirming that the post is a false announcement.

The post read: "As Nasty C's official live booking agents, please be advised that this is a false announcement of @nasty_csa's participation at this event and we can confirm that Nasty C has not been booked for a performance at said event on the 31st of July 2021."

A few weeks ago Nasty C was spotted hanging out with Snoop Dogg. On a picture that broke the internet and made the Juice Back hitmaker trend all day, other big names such as DJ Whoo Kid and Ari Lennox are seen in the pictures.

Nasty C also shared a video of himself interviewing Snoop Dogg. He asked him if he has been to South African and met the country's first black president Nelson Mandela.

"I’ve never met Nelson Mandela...Actually, when I was going to meet him they took me to jail. I got stopped in London, it was like sabotage where they froze me from going there. And they put me in jail for a few days and locked my crew up and I had to reschedule and all that. I think it was sabotage cause they didn’t want two kings to meet," responded Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg  also added that: “I think our spirits are connected because I’m doing the work that he would have done at this age”, he says. “When certain people are put on this earth, they’ve got to pass the baton to the next man to run with it, to run with the work. The ones before us did their job, they did as much as they could. Now it’s our job to go as far as we can so when we pass it on to your generation, ya’ll keep running.”

Nasty C also gave his fans a chance to take a glimpse inside his Japan tour and album (Zulu Man With Some Powers) promo through his Netflix documentary titled Zulu Man in Japan.

In the documentary, Nasty C said he knew that at some point he was going to visit Japan.

He said: "I’ve always had this feeling that I was meant to visit Japan. I could never really explain it. Perhaps it’s because I’m not just a rapper, I’m an artist and I feel like Japan is the hub of art. Shout out to Red Bull for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and creativity as far as art, fashion and music go.”

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