Shaka Zulu’s Family Reportedly Drags Nomzamo Mbatha

Drama follows the Shaka Ilembe crew

By  | Oct 27, 2022, 04:58 PM  | Nomzamo Mbatha  | Drama

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Things allegedly got physical when the cast and crew of the highly anticipated series, Shaka Ilembe, visited the gravesite of the late Queen Nandi and angered her family. Their visit was part of the shooting of the series but they were not welcome when they arrived unannounced. 

Daily Sun reports that Shaka Zulu’s Family allegedly tried to chase the crew away but eventually let them shoot for the sake of peace. 

Inkosi Mshazi Nzuza told the publication, "I was told by induna Ngelemu Mdlalose that a large group of people, including Nomzamo had invaded Queen Nandi's grave. Mdlalose wanted to know if I knew or had authorised their visit. But I was also shocked and disturbed because I had no knowledge of the visit," he said to the publication. 

He argued that they have the right to deny anyone visit and that customary law allows them to punish the offense. 

"Any guest or visitor in the area must report to the local induna and myself as a chief. But this was not the case. They simply went straight to the gravesite. We still don't know why," he added. 

They had informed the chief about this incident. 

This is not the first time the series had been embroiled in some drama. 

The families involved in the history of Shaka Zulu’s reign demand that they be compensated properly for their contribution. 

The Mhlongo family spokesperson said, “We were picked up from our homes and taken to Ballito where we stayed for about three days. During those days, we were filmed and we were narrating each and every detail about King Shaka and Queen Nandi. We even took them to all the locations where Shaka lived as a teenager," said Mhlathuze Mhlongo,

“We also showed them the river where Nandi bathed every morning and all the places she liked. We know this information because both King Shaka and his mother, Queen Nandi, were from the Mhlongo clan,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of the Mthethwa family, Phila Mthethwa said, “We phoned and we texted them [drama series producers] but they ignored us, they actually excluded us from the production,” he said. “Therefore, we regard this as theft of intellectual property, and we will not let them use it anywhere until this issue is resolved. We will interdict them if need be.”

Nomzamo's involvement in the series is not just as an actress but she played a role in the production too. 

“I am honoured to bring the giant that is Queen Nandi to life. History will remember those who informed its people of where we come from, to better understand who we are. I am fortunate to be part of a project that is much bigger than ourselves and to tell this story in our own language. Impi iyeza!”

Nomzamo Mbathaplays Queen Nandi the revered mother of Shaka, Thembinkosi Mthembu starring as King Dingiswayo, and Wiseman Mncube in the role of King Zwide. Playing the young and old Shaka are Lemogang Tsipa (adult king) and new kid on the block Ntando Zondi (boy king). Dawn Thandeka King will play the role of Shaka Zulu’s aunt Mkabayi kaJama. 

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