Zakwe hit by piracy, is furious

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Ntokozo Zakwe  | Drama

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Zakwe is not a happy chappy right now.

This comes after the rapper discovered that his new album has already been pirated. He told Daily Sun that he spent two and a half years working on his album, entitled Impande, only for it to be 'stolen' upon release. 

"I worked hard on my album and for someone to just steal it is frustrating. My album first leaked online just two days after its release. Someone bought it on iTunes and decided to put it on the internet for people to download for free."

He was reportedly hurt after seeing pirated copies of the album being sold on the streets.

Velile Sithole, owner of record label Native Rhythms, told the paper: "Piracy is not easy to solve but some companies have been lending us a hand to sort this out."

Come now, guys. Let's not resort to piracy.

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