Was Papa Penny Penny body shaming Mama Nomi or not?

Some may have taken it lightly but others were quite concerned.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Papa Penny  | Drama

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We're excited to hear Papa Penny's hip-hop debut

In this weeks episode of Papa Penny Penny, we saw the reality star take on a much healthier approach to life by focusing on eating a healthier diet and exercising more. He also roped in his wife to also take on this journey with him, but not before speaking his mind about what he thought of her weight.

Wednesday night's episode of Papa Penny Penny proved yet again why we think Mama Nomi deserves the Wife Of The Year Award. That lady takes on a lot when it comes to her out-spoken husband.

Whilst admitting that he has gained some considerable weight over the years, Papa Penny Penny did not hold back on also reminding his wife how much weight she's also gained as well.

Mam' nomi

Papa Penny Penny went from telling his wife that she probably weighs 300kgs to mentioning that he cannot afford to extend his doors just because she's gained weight.

This was our expression every time Papa Penny Penny said anything about Mama Nomi's weight...


For some, it may have come across as a joke but other Twitter users were not laughing.

Whilst others thought that Papa Penny Penny was just merely making jokes about his lady's weight

What are your thoughts about how Papa Penny Penny treats Mama Nomi? Are viewers over-exaggerating over the way he speaks to his wife or is he really being low-key abusive?

It would be interesting to hear what Mama Nomi has to say about this.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic

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