#Gomora: Zodwa Misses Don!

This character touched her life in so many ways

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 02:15 PM  | Sana Mchunu  | Drama

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Television characters always have a way of impacting people's lives as most stories reflect the struggles of our societies. Take Gomora, for instance, the telenovela tells a story that depicts the lives of most South Africans. But one person who says the introduction of Don, Israel Zulu, into the story made a huge impact in her life.

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Taking to social media after his departure, Sana Mchunu, who plays Zodwa on Gomora said they miss the actor already. Don left the telenovela reportedly because of an illness he suffered shortly after joining the show.

She said it was huge pleasure working with the icon, "It was such a pleasure working with you Don. WE MISS YOU ALREADY, IzinjaZeGame, sthandwaSaZodwa (Zodwa's lover.)"

Last week, Zodwa pulled the trigger which lead to his death. Don wanted to kill Melusi but Zodwa would not let him. There were a few people at the crime scene and when she and her son Teddy, played by Sicelo Buthelezi, went to the police station, they gave viewers a chuckle.

"I'm her parent, she's my parent, my mother, I'm the sons, and we are mother and sons." Zodwa on the other hand said, "Why are you asking it?" when the officer asked her who killed Don.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Sana Mchunu said Don's character helped her heal from her own personal issues with her baby daddy.

If you may recall, sometime back, Sana spoke about her past and how she had a lot of babies before starting her career and how she had to leave her kids to make a living.

At the time ,Sana said to a Jozi FM presenter that she is thankful her marriage failed as it boosted her career. "I am thankful that it ended, otherwise I would not have been here," she said.

This was her way of empowering women to leave if their marriages no longer serve them and advised the younger ones to not make the same mistakes as her. She encouraged them to go to school and create a life for themselves, one that is not dependent on their husbands.

In a recent interview with Daily Sun, Sana said Don helped her get the answers she needed regarding her own ex-husband and thanked Gomora for allowing her to vent with the character Zodwa.

“Don allowed me to heal in real life. When I saw him, I’d just picture my ex-husband and he knew that. Don’s character was very similar to my former husband in real life. Most people know that in real life, I was married, but it ended in tears. My real husband dumped me the same way Don dumped Zodwa. I had small children and I was left alone. As a result, I didn’t have closure.

"I had so many questions to ask my ex-husband but he was gone. When Don’s character was introduced, I managed to ask those questions. I’m also glad that writers allowed me to vent. Those who know me could see I wasn’t just acting the script, but it was real tears. He helped me to finally heal,” she revealed.

A few months back during her radio interview, Sana said, “I want to talk about my story to encourage young women to go to school and empower themselves. Today, I am a mother of seven children and I don’t even have matric. At the age of 21, I already had five children,” she continued.

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