Chicco Twala reveals that he was actually working on a Brenda Fassie movie

Chicco Twala explains how he & Bongani Fassie communicated about creating a Brenda Fassie movie together.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sello "Chicco" Twala  | Drama

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Chicco Twala

On Monday the music producer was interviewed on several radio stations and expressed his frustration at this entire Brenda Fassie project and how he and Bongani had an agreement to work on the Brenda Fassie movie. 

During an interview on The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba, Chicco revealed that he and his team were actually working on their own Brenda Fassie Biopic.

"We've been waiting on the project for the past 5-years, with the blessings of the Brenda Fassie Estate & Bongani Fassie. I was granted the contract by the Executive, Bongani was present in the interim we spent over R1.8million for research, paying for the scriptwriter and I communicated with Bongani all the time on the developments."

Chicco went to further explain that he was in conversation with several people about the directors intent (a directors interpretation of the various scenes) and the synopsis of the film.

The music producer further explained that Showbizzbee and Legaci Nova Entertainment's plan to work on this movie happened overnight and that frustrated him.

"The research of those guys happened overnight, for a person like Brenda Fassie, you need experienced people, and time, you cannot allow people to make a film about Brenda like they're going to just shoot a Madluphuthu movie." Said Chicco.

Mr Twala again mentioned that he will never allow his music to be used in a film without his consent and that he has the rights to this music.

Twala then added that Bongani suddenly flipped the script by working with a different production company to the one that he [Chicco] had organized.

"I have the rights, Bongani allowed me to do research all these years, to go to Cape Town everywhere, I also gave him money. Now someone comes and just decides that no, we are terminating our agreement, you can't do that!" I'd like to see all the people who contributed to Brenda's life to be involved, they must not exclude certain people and it's also important to realize that Bongani and these people don't know much about Brenda's history. South African's are going to be given a movie that will be more of a mockery." Said Chicco

Chicco has made it clear in multiple interviews that this film by Showbizzbee will not be happening.

Since then, Chicco has gone on Twitter to tell all those who have accused him of stealing Brenda's money, where to get off.

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It became super awkward when he then tweeted this about Bongani.

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