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Has Rapper Shane Eagle just been signed to Dreamville?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Shane Eagle  | Drama

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Rapper Shane Eagle, tweeted this cryptic tweet on Sunday evening while he was overseas on tour with Bas.

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This tweet had Eagle as a trending topic early this morning. The tweeps had the rumour mills spinning out of control with speculations that the local rapper had been signed to US Rapper J Cole's record label, Dreamville.

But like most debates and discussions on Twitter some people were hesitant about the news.

But even with all those congratulations and hater-rations, Shane's manager Vaughn Thiel spoke to Channel 24 to put all the rumours to rest.

While the Cutting Corners rapper is close to the team at Dreamville he has not in fact signed with them. We haven't signed with J.Cole's record label. Twitter got ahead of itself and made that story up. We just came off a tour with Dreamville (the label) and we're very close to them but we are not signed with them. We actually independent and have our own label called Eagle Entertainment.

Thiel, a businessman and manager also eluded to a tweet by Shane that his followers might have misconstrued Shane's tweet to be literal.

Well, so close yet so far Tweeps.

Although Shane soars to new heights everyday it seems, he is NOT signed to Dreamville and the team and Shane are just close like family.  So you can put your sad memes to rest, we haven't lost another one...he's just on a worldwide loan.

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