Simphiwe Dana To Sue The President?

Simphiwe is no fan of Cyril and his 'empty promises'!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Simphiwe Dana  | Drama

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Simphiwe Dana has launched an angry rant at not only the South African police, but the president himself - Cyril Ramaphosa!

The singer, who has previously opened up about spending a night in jail after handing herself in following an altercation with her ex partner who has laid counter charges of abuse against her, claims that he assaulted and intimidate her.

Now, a livid Simphiwe has spoken her mind on not only being victimized but also shunned as a survivor of domestic abuse.

Simphiwe has accused SAPS of being "in cahoots" with her abuser after she claims they turned a blind eye and chose to incarcerate her, despite no evidence of her ex's counter claims.

She also claims SAPS refused to respond to her calls of abuse.

She tweeted: "In the statement in the counter charges nothing said I abused this guy! Yet he somehow managed to get me incarcerated. After I called the police when I was being abused and they didn’t come. I will not allow another woman to go through what I went through."

Simphiwe further alleges that there was actually a female officer who "insisted" on incarcerating the star.

She continued: "I now realize that the police are in cahoots with our abusers. When I went to report my case this guy was like what is GBV? And it was a woman who insisted on incarcerating me. And now I’m effing angry! Women are oppressed by police in SA! Who don’t believe them".

The Ndi Ready hitmaker then told fans that she was tempted to sue Ramaphosa as she essentially felt that he offered abusers more protection than victims.

"I’m so angry that Ramaphosa promised women he’d fix it. And then just sat on his laurels while the the justice system continued to hurt women by victimizing them further...

"Maybe I should sue the president for making them feel safe while he was not making us feel safe! ...Men in this country are invested in our unsafety! Them and their president! I’m done! I need him to show he cares! I don’t feel safe," she added.

Let's hope and pray justice prevails for Simphiwe and that any abuser faces the full might of the law!

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