Scoop Makhathini on being a part of the #NBAAfricaGame

He's a true lover of the game

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Siyabonga "Scoop Makhathini" Ngwekazi  | Drama

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Scoop's undoubtedly one of the coolest and most influential media personalities in the South African entertainment industry. Not only that, but he's probably one of the biggest basketball fans we know in this continent. 

Just a few weeks ago, he and Da Les jetted off to New York to attend the 2018 NBA finals and to say we were green with envy would be an understatement. 

NBA finals

Now with the NBA Africa Game only a few days away, we had the pleasure of catching up with Scoop as he gives us the 411 on what we can expect from the game happening this Saturday, 4 August and how he managed to officially become a part of the NBA family.

Scoop, how does it feel to be a part of the NBA Culture, from attending the finals in America to also becoming a part of the African game taking place in just a matter of days?

"Honestly, it is mind-blowing, I can't believe it is happening to me although I know that there is no other person suited for this opportunity. The NBA has given me a chance to witness and make history, the opportunities and experiences they have given me are something to tell my kids and grandkids about. This has been an inspiring, humbling and exciting experience for me."


If you had to play a one on one game with any of the players that are going to participate in the NBA Africa Game, who would you want to play against and why?

Joel Embiid because he's funny and loves goofing around while scrimmaging.

We also know that the NBA Africa Game is not only about the sport but also about the fashion. What do you plan on wearing on the day and in terms of your sneakers, will you be wearing Jordans or another LA Gear classic? 

I don't even know. I hope my people at Nike got a fresh rare pair with my name on it. The Travis Scott 4 sneakers wouldn't hurt. Putting it out into the universe.


You met one of NBA’s most celebrated players – Grant Hill recently, can you tell us more about the conversation you had with him and did he mention anything about the future of basketball in Africa?

I told him I got his shoes and his jersey. I even told him that he is well known in South Africa. He said he and his wife love our country and that he's working on attending the NBA Africa Game with his whole family next year. He also mentioned the future of Africa as a whole and that the most promising thought in his mind is not only the future of basketball but the future of all that Africa will embark on.


For those who still haven’t bought their tickets yet, what’s your message to them and why should they get a hold of a ticket as soon as possible?

It is one of the best spectacles to watch. A treat for all ages, gender and all races. The game is going to be jam-packed with a whole lot of fun, positive energy plus the arena is unmatched! People must come out and get a taste of some new things.

American Twitter had a bit of fun with  Da Les’ Lebron outfit, what were your thoughts on that?

I loved it, I mean he's really a die-hard fan. I had on the entire Steph Curry kit, including the arm sleeve, you just gotta represent.


Lastly, what is your score prediction for the final NBA Africa Game between Team Africa and Team World?

120 Team Africa - 115 Team World. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Watch as Scoop gives you all the information you need to know about NBA Africa Game set to take place this Saturday, 4 August 2018.

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