Kalushi's Thabo Rametsi on depression and bouncing back

Thabo Rametsi is the talk of the town at the moment, but all this glory did not come easy.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Thabo Remetsi  | Drama

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In an in-depth interview, Thabo opens up about his struggles with depression and how he was constantly bullied even as an adult.

In his recent interview with Drum Magazine Thabo shared how he's struggled for years with depression and how close he was to committing suicide because of his battle with the mental condition.

We were surprised to find out that Thabo had been dealing with depression since primary school and succumbed to a lot of verbal abuse whilst still in school with made his day-to-day struggle with depression even more difficult.

"It started in primary school, but I hid it very well, When I turned 25 I realized that I'd never felt good about myself. I was called a faggot, I always felt different to other children and isolated from them." He told the publication.

As he grew older, the feeling of not being enough, turned for the worse especially when he began toying with the idea of having a career in acting.

After being a contestant on Class Act, Thabo again succumbed to verbal abuse.

"I was 21 and still learning how to act, but there was this woman who used to e-mail me every day and say terrible things. She would say, 'Why haven't you killed yourself yet? You should kill yourself because you suck.'

Thabo describes his time on Class Act as horrible and considered killing himself at some point.

"I started doing weird things, like walking too close to cars. I never felt I was good enough - I never loved myself enough. But I still didn't want to tell anyone."

According to the magazine, Thabo has not yet received professional help for his depression but with the help of his girlfriend, he has managed to cope with his condition and also encourages people who are going through any form of depression to always find someone to talk to about it as it helps.

If you have or know of anyone who is suffering from depression, please get in contact with the  South African Depression and Anxiety Group for help.

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