Mona Monyane: This mini Hollywood thing must end

Mona voices out her frustrations 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tiisetso Mona Monyane  | Drama

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Mona Monyane

We’ve heard of many celebrities voicing out their frustrations about the entertainment and media industry, and Skeem Saam actress Mona Monyane has also come out to express her distaste about the expectations that people have of her because she is a public figure.

There is more to fame than what meets the eye. Beyond the glitz and the glam are sacrifices that have been done to get to the top, and it’s no easy ride as your private life is then stripped down for public scrutiny in the process. However,  there are certain things that Monyane feels she did not sign up for and is not willing to take.

The actress took to social media penning out a recent incident where a ‘fan’ of hers had interrupted a conversation she was having because she wanted to take a picture with the actress.

Take a look at the series of tweets below:

Before the fame, our celebrities were once just ordinary people, living normal lives, which meant that manoeuvring around a shopping centre was literally a walk in the park, however, fame has changed it all and it is hard to be in a public space without being bombarded by fans.

House music vocalist, Bucie has been amongst the celebrities that have campaigned against the expectations that come with fame.

“...fame is so exhausting, I’m one of the realest people and fame does not allow you to be real. Fame and people expect you to be a certain way, you need to be something that they are comfortable with in order to be famous and that is exhausting,” she mentioned  in an interview on Power FM.

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