Trompies Member Alleges He Received R5 Royalties

"How can I live lavishly with R5?"

By  | Sep 21, 2022, 10:19 AM  | Trompies  | Drama

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Legendary Trompies group member Eugene Mthethwa has alleged that he received peanuts from the South African Music Rights Organisation's, (Samro) assuming that they cost R5. 

The Kwaito muso shook social media users after reports suggested that he only received R5.43 in royalties this year, for his 90s hit singles. 

In a report by City Press, Eugene Mthethwa wants Samro to prove that they did indeed pay out R13 million to artists. 
The financial statement shared by the muso to the publication, reveal that he allegedly collected monies from 34c to R1.28 in 2021.

“I know what they mean when they talk about the R13 million, and I challenge them to come out publicly with a list of their top 20 earners,” he told the publication. “I promise you, you will not find any individuals on the list. You will find companies. Not even composers, but random people who have started companies and are making money out of the ignorance of artists.

Mthethwa is baffled by the amounts garnered for their big songs which include Sigiya Ngengoma, Time’s Up, Umgidi and Koko. 

“They are not even ashamed … How do you explain, with such big songs, that you are only getting R5? And this is after six months of releasing an album? This is the reason people cannot explain why artists are dying poor. They make up all sorts of stories that we are living lavish lives … How can I live lavish with R5?” Mthethwa told the paper. 

This shocked social media users who wish artists could get the respect they earned through their hard work. 

Last year, Samro the organisation announced that artists will receive royalties from social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. This meant big things were happening for artists such as Master KG whose song Jerusalema received 1 billion views on TikTok. 

“SAMRO is pleased to announce that we have entered into licensing agreements with short-form video content social media platform TikTok, global social media powerhouse Facebook, as well as the video, streaming subscription platform Netflix, that will benefit members,” the statement read last year. 

“Thanks to the conclusion of these binding agreements, Samro will be able to collect royalties on behalf of members, for all copyright-protected content that features on these platforms, with immediate effect."

"This deal is going to enrich these platforms through the use of high-quality content produced by our members while at the same time broadening the scope and usage of member content...It is absolutely essential that as SAMRO we license all music users and ensure that we deliver maximum value to our members."

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