Rapper's Girlfriend Sexually Harassed

He is livid

By  | Apr 07, 2021, 03:47 PM  | Tshego Ketshabile  | Drama

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Rapper Tshego is furious after his girlfriend got sexually harassed by a man known to them. The rapper who is a father to a baby girl, has made it his role to protect the women in his life. In a country where gender based violence is at it's peak, many men still do not know what is deemed appropriate and what is not. That's where the rapper chimes in.

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The Hennessey rapper took to Instagram to share an experience the mother of his child experienced when a man sexually harassed her. The rapper said he is willing to risk it all, including his life for his women should another man try this.

Starting off his video he said he has a lot of women he is protecting and will not allow men to take advantage of them, "I don't know about you (men) but I got a daughter, I have a girl, I have a full-time nanny, I'm the only (man) in this house and I have three women I'm watching over. I have a sister and a mother. And, I don't know about you (men) but I know for sure that none of the women around me are going to experience any type of f**k s**t from you boys, not while I'm there."

What caused him to make such a video is the fact that a man had inappropriately touched his woman twice and, he then called her on the phone. The drunk man could not explain his actions so he had to consult his legal team and find out if he could speak about the matter.

"So I woke up this morning and I decided, you know what? No one is going to do this s**t to anyone I love. So I called my lawyer and asked what options I have. I asked if I can go public with this s**t because I wanna set a precedent and I wanna show (guys) that this f**k s**t is not gonna happen around me or my family, not around my daughter or the women in my family. It's not gonna happen!"

"He (then) calls me, sober as a bat now, apologising. He still does not know how it happened. He apologises especially since they have known each other for a couple of years. I want everybody to understand, the women in my family are not to be touched. I am pretty sure I am going to train my daughter how to kill you (men),"
he added.

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