Uncle Waffles Milked By Management

Similarly to the likes of Zahara and Lady Du, Waffles is allegedly being exploited by her management

By  | May 14, 2022, 09:26 AM  | Uncle Waffles   | Drama

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The South African music industry has gained traction since Covid-19 restrictions were uplifted, and again by the massive Amapiano takeover. Similarly to our American and UK counterparts, it is now possible for local musical artists starting out to monetise and live off of their music. But, many upcoming artists suffer the unfair act of exploitation from their management. The hottest DJ in the country right now, Uncle Waffles is alleged to be facing this unjust act following after stars such as Lady Du, Zahara and Amanda Black who have also fought legal battles against their managements that milked so much from them leaving them with spare change to take home after their hard work.

Earlier in the week, Phil Mphela shared receipts and reported that Uncle Waffles whose birth name is Lungelihle Zwane had reached number 1 on all streaming platforms locally with her hit song Tanzania, proving that the newcomer is making a good amount of money not only from her unending gig guide but from musical streams, downloads and iTunes purchases as well. But is she enjoying what’s due to her at all?

Yesterday rumours about the star being exploited by her management team Kreativer Korner since the beginning of her skyrocketing career. It is alleged that the management team is taking 40% of the musician’s earnings from her gigs, music, and other endorsements, making it a 100% markup from the 20% standard management fee in the industry, locally and globally. Musa Khawula tweeted, “Uncle Waffles’ management said to be exploiting her. Uncle waffles is paying 40% of her earnings to Kreative Korner in comparison to the 20% rate charged by managers worldwide.”
The international DJ whose been gigging nonstop since last October has had, arguably one of the best years in her career and fans across the social media streets are wishing her well, and hoping that she finds a better team to manage and run her brand. They have been sharing their opinions and takes on this rumour and the mass stan audience believes that the star also needs training in the business of music in order to be able to negotiate better deals in the future.
A Twitter user by the name of Thutuka shared, “I really wish Uncless Waffles to be wise with her investments. Because all the neighbours are eagerly waiting for her downfall.” Another user wrote in a lengthy and eager tweet, “I saw it on pictures that Uncle Waffles is stressed, they are not paying her enough while she is the one doing all the hard work. The only thing they do is take pictures of her, let’s protect her, let’s call her management out before we lose her or get another Zahara vibe.”

Popular Twitter influencer Chris Excel also weighed in on the Uncle Waffles issue with pessimism. The user wrote, insinuating that the DJ does not mix and master her own mixes but has someone doing that for her, “Y’all must remember that the is a person who does pre mixes for Uncle Waffles so she put USB and dance while the music is playing. That guy needs to be paid too.”

The DJ and her management team have not yet commented on these rumours and she is still gigging around the country together with her management.
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