#Utatakho: When a daughter wants to get her father arrested

Oscar and Karabo battle it out on national TV.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Oscar Nyandeni, the father of Karabo wants to find out if he's daughter is biologically his.

In a dramatic Utatakho episode, we were introduced to a father by the name of Oscar Nyandeni who had called on Utatakho to assist him in collecting some DNA tests with regards to his children, one of those children being his teenage daughter Karabo.

In the beginning of the show, Oscar had admitted to having six children with four different women.

Oscar was clearly a busy man in his youth....


Anyway, from the get go Oscar's story about why he wanted the DNA tests did not make sense. The story started off with him being concerned about how he was going to split his will amongst his six children, and then he dabbled on the story of him wanting to do right towards his ancestors.

So what does this have to do with him having a DNA test?

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Trust us, we were just as confused as everyone who was watching the show.

When Karabo and her mother came into the picture it was clear from the get-go that they do not have a liking towards the man and that Karabo and her father have no relationship whatsoever.

Karabo's mom was clearly angered by Oscar's actions she even mentioned that his will was only worth 50cents "iWill nyana ye5bob" were her actual words.

This was us the entire time.


So the results came through and it turns out that Karabo is indeed Oscar's daughter, no surprise there honestly. 

After the results, things just turned for the worst as Karabo expressed her disappointment towards her absent father. Karabo felt that Oscar had embarrassed her and her mother in front of the entire nation and that she actually wanted to arrest her father for his actions.

Before we knew it, Oscar then began crying, his reasons for crying.


Oscar apologized for his actions but then began releasing files about Karabo, claiming that the teenager is living with a man, the conversation then snowballed into an argument that was absolutely not for television. 

We hope Karabo didn't really go to the police station to have her father arrested even though Oscars requests to call Utatakho was uncalled for.

A lot of viewers also felt that Oscar approached the wrong show to help assist him with his issues.

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